CAREER options and career choices




Right career options are not an overnight decision; it takes consideration of every single aspect. Back in childhood, we all had a dream career which then seemed perfect but for now, it’s a crucial decision. A right career is not only about a handsome pay package but it is something which should satisfy you and captivate your interest. Ask yourself what would you like to do if there is no responsibility and limitation on you? What would you do if you had everything you wanted? The answer to these questions may not give you an accurate choice but it gives you a little idea of your field of interest. Go through following points before making any decision for your future.


1. What fascinates you more?

Yes! Consider your childhood dream career a bit more seriously. The field which captivates your interest should be your priority. Even if you are not very about a particular profession, make sure that you know where your interest lies on a broader scale like medical, management, designing etc. Do not let anything affect your choice at this stage. It has to be completely based on your interest.


2. What are your hobbies?

You may think of your hobby as a leisure activity but nothing could be better than turning your hobbies into full-time career options. Many hobbies give birth to careers which have a huge demand in the real world. See what you like to do and look for a career that fits in your choice.


3. Which are your favorite subjects?

Looking on the academic front, you can pursue a career in a field you enjoyed the most in school. Bring your classroom interest into real life and enjoy a fruitful career. It may require little more studies to specialize in a particular subject but it does not bother as far as you like what you study. If you are good with numbers you may consider being an actuary or an accountant. If you like English you can become an editor, corporate writer etc.


4. What skills you excel in?

There can be many skills which you might have developed in school but they were just an SUPW activity back then. You need to polish those skills and build a good career. Be it playing a musical instrument or making crafts and origami, you always have a choice to rely on your skills for a professional career.

5. What are your previous qualifications?

While you have complete liberty to pursue a career of your choice but it would be even better if any of your previous qualification could help you in the long run. It might be some short term course you did in vacations or your optional subjects in higher classes which can help you decide a right career.


6. What are your interpersonal skills?

Your career choice depends on a lot on what interpersonal skills you have. First of all, explore yourself and find out your skills. See which career correspond to your skills. Like if you mingle easily and love to talk you can give a try for RJ, VJ etc. If you are more of helping type, you can consider nursing and medical care.


7. What is your financial situation?

Though financial part is not a major concern these days as education loans are easily available but still it should be taken into consideration before making a career choice. Find out how much various courses costs so that you can organize everything well.


8. What education do you need?

There are the plethora of courses these days. Find out which one suits you best in terms of duration, fee, facilities etc. Also, find out if it needs a master degree to excel in that field. Make a note of all entrance exams in your field of interest. A prior planning can help you get into the desired course.


9. Talk to experts in your field.

Once you’ve marked a particular field, you can get into depth by talking to previous students and professionals in that field. They can provide a better insight of all the course details and job opportunities after college.


10. Do a little research.

Even now if you’re not very sure about which field you should opt to do a little research. Take your time and try to know each and every possible career for yourself. Compare the choices, note their pros and cons and choose what you think is best for you.


The most important step is to know yourself so find out what you want from life. Your career choices depend on your passion and perseverance, not on marks and cutoffs. So work hard to fulfill your dreams, good and bad scores are just steps to move ahead.

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