perfect college


A perfect College and Branch of Engineering is what every aspirant is looking for. The admission process has begun but the dilemma of branch and college still persists. Parents and students both are trying hard to get a branch having good ‘scope’ and a college having ‘guaranteed placement’. Similarly, various colleges are enticing students by showing off in advertisements.

Engineering has been a popular choice among students since long and no wonder; they work really hard to get into a prestigious institute. Engineering has been known for its versatility and high paying jobs but the current scenario is completely different. Gone are the days when freshly graduated students would easily fetch a job. There is cut throat competition in every field so it is more important to choose a field where you can work passionately. While students find it cool to say- “college doesn’t matter” and add a success anecdote to prove it, the truth is ‘ college DOES matter’.

How to choose the Perfect College and Branch for Engineering…


1. Good college bad college.

A college cannot be judged by its beautiful facade, cool cafeteria, and sprawling campus. Engineering is a blend of theory and practical so look for the best faculty and laboratories. Also, dig out previous records of training and placement of college. The institute should have faculties and laboratories for every stream (especially for your stream). The best way to get a clear insight is to connect with current students. They can really provide an honest review of college.


2. Branch or college?

No doubt, both are important and you should try to get both of your choices. Still if you have to decide between branch and college, make a list of various factors and consider each separately. Do a little research and see the possibilities in a good college. You can even switch branch after the first year in engineering. I’m not asking you to choose a field completely out of your interest but a little change does no harm. Good faculty, labs and people around are way more important than the favorite stream with poor facilities which will make you lose interest anyway.


3. Scope or interest?

Do keep in mind that every field has equal ‘scope’ as long as your interest lies in it. I think that sums up everything. There would be many job opportunities when you are passionate about your field. If you choose a branch just because it’s ‘in demand’ then it may lead you nowhere.


4. What kind of job?

Search a little bit more about various branches and know what kind of jobs they offer after graduation. Know your kind of job. Find out whether you like to sit in a cubicle and do coding or handle real-life industry problems or work at the outdoor site on a construction project. This is what matters after all the studies. While studying its all fine but life at work is a factor worth considering.


5. What after 4 years?

Graduation is not the dead and instead it brings many more choices. Plan what you intend to do after these 4 years and ask yourself, “Will this particular branch be helpful in the long run”? There is no point selecting a branch ‘just for graduation’ and then try to switch later. Think NOW about your plans and select the best for you. Meet professionals in various fields and get a clear insight of life after graduation to take the right decision on your future.


The perfect college and Branch for Engineering do not guarantee success but instead provide a platform for a brighter tomorrow. Every student must learn that hard work and preferably smart work is the key to success. We really hope you had something to gain from the above article and make the right decision. Do share this with your friends and let them know How to choose the Perfect College and Branch for Engineering.