Aptitude skills are one of the most important things which are tested in every walk of student life and in almost every competition. Nowadays it has become a measuring scale to judge one’s competency in any kind of work. Aptitude is an inborn potential to do certain work whether developed or undeveloped’. Some people are naturally good at solving quantitative aptitude and mental ability problems. Such people are not different but everyone has this ability, it only needs more practice in some cases.

Why is it so important to have good Aptitude skills?

Be it a test for campus recruitment or an entrance test for any course, every test includes a major part of aptitude in its syllabus. People with good aptitude skills are considered better than others because they are fast at their mind and good at problem solving. These problems require a combination of accuracy and speed to be solved. This judges one’s ability to perform a little easy and complex calculation in the specific time limit. As the aptitude is tested by most of the companies in their recruitment procedure, it becomes an important milestone to fetch a job. Employers wish to be certain that they are going to recruit the right individual who proves to be an asset to the company.

Competitive exams for various institutes are organized on a national level and millions of students appear for the same. This leaves the institute with no other options but to opt for an aptitude based screening test.


Some easy means to master Aptitude skills

1. Elementary concepts

Aptitude tests are full of questions based on simple basic concepts. To excel in this you need to polish your elementary mathematics concepts. You can begin by solving mathematics questions from 6th to 10th STD. Once you succeed at this stage, you can go for solving another type of problems. Do not ever try to cram any concept. Every doubt must be cleared as soon as it arises.


2. Accuracy

An important factor which affects your score is accuracy. No matter how many questions you attempt in an exam, the solution needs to be accurate for a good score. As most of the exams also give a penalty for wrong answers, one should be accurate while solving. The more you practice, the accurate you become. Also, try to avoid wild guess while solving and solve till the very end to get the final answer. It may take more time in the beginning but eventually it will be helpful in the long run.


3. Pace

Another important point to be considered while practicing is your pace while solving. There is no point in attempting few correct questions in the whole test. You need to maintain the right pace in the exam. With more practice, you can be able to solve maximum questions and also enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as well. Another way to speed up is to solve easy questions first.


4. Know yourself

To get an edge in the exam, you need to know yourself first. You should know your strength and weakness. Analyze your skills and work on your shortcomings. You should never ignore your mistakes instead try learning from them. Practice a lot and know where you are lacking.


5. Formulae and shortcuts

There is no limit to solve questions on aptitude. Millions of questions are available on various topics but for every topic, there are specific formulae and shortcut methods. Note down every single formula and method as you practice such questions. A separate notebook of all formulae will also be helpful in quick revision just before the exam.

6. Important topics

Following are some important topics which are frequently asked in any aptitude test.

  1. Time, speed and distance
  2. Time and work
  3. Probability
  4. Permutations and combination
  5. Ratio and proportion
  6. Allegations and mixtures
  7. Percentage
  8. Number system
  9. Profit and loss
  10. Mensuration

All you need to do is to practice as much as you can. Previous years question papers are very much underrated. Solve as many as possible. Working hard is the only shortcut to success.

Aptitude is the ability to master the art of problem-solving. One who excels in it has the ability to overcome any hurdle in life.      

-Anadi Saxena

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