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10 Influences of Bollywood on Youth

The Indian film industry of Bollywood has influenced the daily life and culture of India for decades especially the Youth. In fact, it has almost become a religion, apart from being a mainstream source of entertainment. Knowingly or unknowingly the film moulds the Youth of today. Here are some of its effects on youth:

1. Bollywood has a deep influence on the Indian fashion and any outfit adorned by any actor or actress in a popular film immediately becomes a prime trend for designers to reproduce, be it Anarkali’s or masakali suites from Delhi 6 to name a few.

2. The popular songs and the dance style copied from Bollywood have become a common sight in weddings and thus have led a set back to the cultural heritage of India degrading the classical forms among youth.

3. The youth is blindly copying and following the films without using their rational faculty. For that matter, even vulgarity has become a root cause of the increasing number of crimes in today’s society.

4. No doubt films have influenced habits in youth like smoking, drinking and nakedness which youth feels the status symbol for them. Wearing traditional clothes have become too old fashioned.

5. It has also made the youth aware of certain issues like widow remarriage through films like Babul.

6. It has increased in people the virtue of respecting elders because they have started to imitate from movies like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gam has helped in this.

7. Films like rang de Basanti have given youth a voice to be raised against the corrupt politicians.

8. Women have been showcased as independent character having their own identity which has made them bold and confident to fight against the world for the sake of their own rights

9. Youth has been able to raise voice against dowry, literary and poverty and this is all because of movies that gave them this awareness.

10. Films are a medium through which teenagers are presented with new ideas -be it in dress code, behaviour, or attitude which they use in their daily conversation.

As everything has both good and bad side same goes for movies. It depends on us how to use it through the use of the mind. On the positive side it conveys moral messages whereas on the negative it doesn’t use logic and the worst part is the ‘item song and the dance’. Guys it never happens in the real world!

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