How Boys are getting Screwed on the Name of “Relationship”


How boys are getting Screwed on the Name of “Relationship”

If you are in a desperate relationship with someone or been eagerly working on it to be in this Siyapaa, then my friends you should really need to look out the latest instalment of the superhit Pyaar Ka Panchnama. Written and directed by Luv Ranjan who also directed the first instalment.

Beautifully executed and well planned followed by some phenomenal punchlines. The movie incircle around the real life scenario of few screwed up relationship which we practically observe in our daily life or going Though on of them.

Now lets relate Pyaar Ka Punchnama or you can Say BOYFRIEND KA PUNCHNAMA with YOUTH and try to Change your Funda Towards Relationship.

1. The Boy is “ALWAYS WRONG”


No matter what they do or what they say ultimately the boys are the one.Even if you don’t know what’s the problem then also you are wrong. And you can’t fight with the tears of your girl and hence you get used to say Sorry Sorry. They Crush your Self Esteem with their High Heels which you only gifted them.

2. Girl’s besties are the biggest enemy of your relationship


If the relationship with your BeLoved are going through a smooth path then meet the biggest Wrong Turn of your Path, her BFFs they never like your happy relationship and never leave any chance to spoil it. They never talk about your 100 good deeds but they may break you relationship with one mistake.

3. Thing that set your ASS on FIRE is her best male friend



This is also the another most important clown who does not leave any chances of becoming a so called hamdard with the girl.  During the stage of your bonding when the relationship is not Going well or we can say the ball is not in your court these male friend tries to take the advantage by creating the misconceptions between you by convincing the girl of being cheated and brainwash her thoughts towards you.

4. They don’t Give a Damn About Your Needs


One of the biggest problem in Every Relationship is they never understand your needs but if you forget something!!! Then they will make you Regret till your Grave. No matter how Hard you Try no one came be Perfect and that One mistake is enough dude. Even if you are working they don’t Give a Damn.


5. They Never Get Included in a Boy Thing but Always Expect you in their “Girly Shit”


They always want you to take her to shopping and Don’t expect her while watching a MatchThey will Never Understand why every guy watch cricket or Football…

Sometimes she treat you like her servants in front of her friends on the name of Love and Care, and we do it I don’t know why, but We do. When you want to take her to dinner she will include her friends or maybe sister No personal Time.

6.Trust her every Time with No Trust in Returns


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They talk for hours on cell phone and if you even ask the name they starts a Fuk’in fight and say you don’t trust her. And if your don’t reply for 5 minutes then also the start a Fuk’in Fight. Trust is one of the biggest Enemy of a Relationship . If she is busy its her personal time but if you are even working they put a tag of cheater on your Face.

“Jo dusro ko dhoka Deta hai use yehi lagta hai ke dusre bhi use Dhoka de rhe hain”


Most Important Part To read

If you are going through A relationship with these problems you better get out of it. And if you are trying on girls to get in a Relationship dude stop now please. Don’t waste your youth running Behind the Girls. Work hard for your Dream life and earn money there are so many opportunities waiting for you out there. Try to find those Opportunities and after becoming Successful you can Date hot girls if you want to date. Don’t Get Friend zoned, better you help your Parents try to give them A life they deserve not your Girlfriend with no future Guarantees.

This Should be The Funda Of Today’s Youth 

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