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Since 2009 and 2010 these 6 boys, Justin Bieber and 5 boys of the British-Irish boy band one direction has been on the top of my playlists. I guess I was the saddest person on the earth when Zayn Malik departed from the band One Direction in 2015. The one direction boys and Justin Bieber has set so high expectations for me for my future boyfriend (YES WHEREVER YOU ARE LISTEN TO THEIR SONGS AND MAKE SOME NOTES). And today I am going to write the toughest article of my life that is I will compare BOTH MY FAVOURITES in the article.


Fans of one direction are called Directioners. They are the craziest fandom I’ve seen. A fan got married to the posters of all the five guys and another fan tied her sister and made her listen to Gangnam style on repeat because she said Justin Bieber was better. The fans have every detail about the boys from their blood groups to their d*** sizes, oops.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber fans are called Beliebers. They make out with the ground on which Justin Bieber stands. But they don’t have any information like the Directioners so,

1D- 01   JB-00



Personally, I am a fan of both of them and I love their songs EQUALLY but let’s be real. One direction first single, What Makes You Beautiful, reached number one on the Scottish Singles Chart, UK Singles Chart, and Irish Singles Chart. Justin Bieber’s first single, One Time, never reached number one on any charts but came very close. Both singles were on the Billboard Hot 100. Justin Bieber’s album has made it to number 1 album on Billboards 200 for 5 times and one direction has made it to number 1 for only 4 times. Justin Bieber has been on top on number one singles on the hot 100 once whereas one direction couldn’t make it to the list not even once. Very close competition but,

1D-00    JB-01



The total collection of albums of Justin is: My World 2.0(5,200,000), Under the Mistletoe (2,250,000), Believe (5,250,000), Journals (1,500,000) and Purpose (675,000)

The total collection of albums of One Direction is: Up All Night (5,000,000), Take Me Home (5,000,000), Midnight Memories (4,000,000), FOUR (3,200,000) and Made in the A.M (2,400,000)

Justin took over One Direction once again.

1D-00    JB-01


Justin Bieber is a YouTube made celebrity. He has over 22 million YouTube subscribers and 61,800,000 twitter followers.

One direction has 20 million YouTube subscribers and over 28 million twitter followers. (The band is no more together so I understand they have lost some followers)

1D-00    JB-01


     Overall scores: 1D-01     JB-03

So clearly it’s a win-win situation for Justin Bieber. I can’t decide whether I’m happy or sad! Okay, I’m going lock myself in my room and cry while having a pizza. Till then, ENJOOOYYYY! You’ve got one life, eat as much pizza as you can. (Free life tip at the end)

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