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Three Generations. One Hero


A movie about one of the greatest cricketers of all time… an Indian Cricketer who has been worshipped (sic) by fans all over the world… a player who has been admired not only for his skills and glory but also for his uprightness and nobility… Sachin Tendulkar! A person that has been looking up to as the Little Master, Master Blaster is going to be commended more for his achievements, via a feature film; Sachin: A Billion Dreams!

The teaser of the movie was released at 1 p.m. today; ten days before his birthdate (or am I the only person that noted this fact and misinterpreted the coincidence?!)!  Presented by Carnival Motion Pictures and distributed by 200 Not Out, the teaser begins with the voice of “THE MAN HIMSELF”, where he says about his evolution from a wild child to a virtuous man (read virtuous HERO), thanks to the words of his father!

The teaser goes on with the laudable comment of Tony Grieg which goes like,”Six from Tendulkar! What a Player! What a wonderful player!” raising the anticipation of us all and after that comes the part that gives us the chills; Sachin ascending the stairs of the stadium with the hues and cries of fans in the background saying “We Want Sachin!!”! Should I mention the tears and goose bumps that arise for this scene?

Take a Look at the Official Movie Teaser Here


This movie about the exemplary player is being made by irreproachable artists like Emmy nominated Director James Erskine and Producer Ravi Bhagchandka. Music is by none other than the Academy Award winner, virtuoso A. R. Rahman. The teaser ends with the perfect note, the ever famous cry; that literally reverberate the hearts of the fans and spectators for the teaser and for the player; when he is on the field, which goes like, “SACHINNNN! SACHINNN!! ”.

The release date has not been revealed but still, let’s gets ready to catch the movie in theatres soon! Till then, “SACHINNNN… SACHINNN!!”

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