With an average temperature peak of about 42•C in all the major cities of our country, these few months have really taken a toll on our patience and well being. Droughts have been featuring in the news now more than ever. As far as we can remember this is among the worst climates we have had to endure. It is so hot that even productivity is now secondary to hopeful survival.

So how can we deal with the heat this year, apart from endless prayers to the Gods for rain and plain wishful thinking? Here are 5 easy ways to beat the heat this summer.




May seem too obvious and you’re probably doing it enough already, but keep chugging down water, coconut water, homemade fruit juices. Control your urge to pick up that Dew/Pepsi or even Soda. Carbonated drinks just add to your thirst and leave you wanting plain water, so why add this unnecessary step that’s loaded with empty calories? Nope, Energy drinks, and Booze don’t work either. It’s got to be water and juices of any fruit you can think of. Try substituting caffeine and milk with these juices.



Always Pack These: Sunblock, Shades- no they don’t need to be all Chanel and Rayban, just get a pair that could keep your eyes safe and help you see better when you cross roads and walk in the blazing sun, a packet of facial tissues or a handkerchief, a water bottle filled with enough water- refill it whenever you need to and an Umbrella. Use these and you have a fighting chance against sudden sun strokes that could leave you unconscious in the middle of anywhere.



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Sunscreens are shockingly underrated from what I’ve seen. In this level of heat, we are way past worrying about skin tan and we need to save ourselves from literally getting burnt in the Sun. A decent SPF of at least 30 is a must to save you from sunburns. Waterproof, oil based ones, while slightly uncomfortable do the job well and do not get washed away by sweat. Shower at least twice a day. Use Aloe Vera based products for your skin and hair, on a daily basis. Calamine lotions are a prescribed treatment for Sunburns. Wear cotton clothes that cover most of your skin, especially around 11 am to 4 pm if you must step out in the Sun. Fashion can wait.



Ventilation is the keyword. Avoid overcrowding as much as possible always. Have some space around yourself at all times possible. Open all the windows and hope as much breeze as possible get in. Get plants all around your residence and place of work, plant them yourself if you must. Trust me; you’ll physically notice the drop in temperature as the plants grow. But for a more immediate benefit, use potted plants. Use air conditioning if you must, or else a more economical and relatively electricity saving option would be to get a table fan. Place this such that it faces the open windows. Pushes the hot air out and makes your room way cooler- tried and tested. Avoid thick blinds. Turn out the artificial lights whenever you can as they just add to the heat in the room.



Avoid spices, deep fried foods, anything that causes you to work up a sweat. Load yourself on fruits of whatever kind; remember the fresh fruits are always better than the juice versions. Processed foods as such just make you crave more water. If you buy into the myths of hot and cold foods, now is probably the time to indulge in those.

Well, I wish these 5 easy ways do the trick for you. I hope you have a fun summer nevertheless. Happy Holidays!!!

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