After winning the friendly match between the club and FC Barcelona, Real Madrid has crossed its fan-following above 228milllions supporters and over 90millions likes on its official FB page. Real Madrid Football Club, founded in 1902, is the one of most supported FC and has given Football Idols from the very beginning of this club. Here are few facts of the Spanish Club you may not have known.

1. Top Scorer

Madrid’s all time top scorer was Raúl, with 323 goals over 16 seasons till Christiano Ronaldo topped it and has scored 329 goals till date over 7 seasons. Ronaldo is not only the top scorer of Madrid but also fastest scorer to reach 200 goals in his club. The ironic thing is Christiano Ronaldo inherited the shirt from Raúl in 2010 when the Raúl got retired.

2. World’s fiercest Rivalry

EL CLASICO Messi vs Ronaldo real madrid

The La-Liga game between Madrid and Barcelona is referred as El Clásico (The Classic). The record from Real Madrid and Barcelona are 82 victories for Madrid, 76 victories for Barcelona, and 39 draws.

The rivalry between both clubs may have arisen due to the cultural and political tensions between both Spanish regions. What we don’t know is that both the clubs had suffered at the hands of Fracoists, during his dictatorship over Spain and during Spanish Civil War. All the cultures were suppressed and the easiest way to show liberalism and their dissidence were by joining the team and playing for the territory.

3. Largest win and defeats of Real Madrid

Madrid’s largest win in the European cup was a 9-0 victory over Danish side Boldklubben in 1961-62. And Madrid has won the European Cup more than any other team. The club’s biggest defeat in La-Liga was against Espanyol when they lost 8-1 in 1929-30.

The most legendary win award can be given to Copa del Rey semi-final 1942-43 match against their biggest rival, FC Barcelona. It was an 11-1 victory. But what makes this win legendary is that the club lost the previous match, a qualifying match, to the same team with a 3-0 defeat. On their 100th anniversary, Madrid famously lost the Copa del Rey final to Deportivo La Coruna.

4. Stefano


Stefano is considered to be the player who changed the course of Madrid’s history. Stefano was first football idol given by Madrid to the world. He is in 4th place at the top scorer board of the club. He holds the record making most consecutive appearances in La Liga for Madrid. He played 171 league games in a row spanning five years and 148 days.

Alfredo di Stefano, considered by many to be the club’s greatest player, passed away in 2014 at the age of 88. He scored 308 goals in 396 official games between 1953 and 1964 and was described by the club’s website as “the best player of all the time” when he died on July 7 last year.

5. The Title of Real (Royal)

Spanish football was going through a period of difficulty and uncertainty. Real Madrid was not completely unaffected by these problems, but it overcame them thanks to some good work from its directors. With a growing fan-base, they saw the need to change grounds in order to facilitate the number of visitors and obtain more money. The club moved to the O’Donell stadium. It was then the King of Spain, King Alfonso VIII, granted Madrid the title ‘Real (Royal)’ in 1920.

6. Consistency

Real Madrid is one of the only three clubs in Spain’s history that has never been relegated from La Lira’s top flight. The other two clubs which are never relegated from La Liga are Athletic Bilbao and FC Barcelona. Real Madrid was voted as the most successful Football club of all time. The club is most expensive Football club of the net worth of $680 million.

7. The most Awesome Comeback ever


The Champions League final in Lisbon in the season 2014-15, Sergio Ramos raised head to head home the equaliser deep in the 93rd minute. The defender launched onto the Luca Modric Corner with the clock on 92:48 and Madrid went on to win 4-1 after extra time. It is one of the most important – and timely – goals in the clubs entire history and ended their long pursuit of La Decima.

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