7 Easy Internet Hacks You Should Know

We use Internet on the daily basis for social media and many other purposes. To make it a little easier and fun I’ll be telling you some easy internet hacks which you can use on a regular basis. So, let’s get started.


  1. If you are a person who posts pictures updates and things that are important to you on Facebook it is like you are writing your own story. You can actually keep a copy of all this for yourself, just login into Facebook click settings look for the option to download a copy of your Facebook data. This way you can have a copy of your Facebook data saved on your computer.
  1. This does not always work but if you put something in your cart while shopping online and keep it for few days, the company will start sending you emails with discount coupons to finish your order.


  1. There is a fast and easy way to save online receipts and pictures or basically anything else. It’s called screen capturing which is usually done in mobile phones. If you are on a Mac hold shift, command and number 4 select the area you want to save as soon you let go , you have an instant picture saved on your desktop. If you’re on a PC just press print screen button on your keyboard then go and paste it in the program like windows paint.


  1. Did you know there’s  a way to record your computer screen and make it into a video? Just open up Quick time player and select new screen recording,  select the microphone you want to use and record. So, whatever you do next will get recorded and you can also make gaming tutorials etc from this.


  1. When you try to load a video and get stuck and it starts buffering  just press down arrow on your keyboard to run dots into a game of snakes. This will help to keep you occupied until your video loads up.


  1. If you type ‘ the number of horns on unicorn ‘ on Google the calculator will get open and also Google has built up a calculator so next time if you need one just search on google.


  1. Typing ‘Atari breakout ’on Google helps you to play games without getting caught. Hit on the image results and play this game.


I hope these hacks help you in your daily life and some are fun too! Let me know your reviews in the comment section below also like comment and share