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One of the most notable names in international history, as a notorious dictator yet among the greatest leaders to have lived, the life and times of Hitler have always been viewed with speculation and uncertainty. Born into a middle-class German family and raised in below average living conditions, Hitler served as a soldier in the World War I. 1933 saw Hitler’s rise toward heading the German Government. He was ambitious, over everything else- and this marked him as a role model for the lower and middle-class population.


Adolf Hitler’s rise to power as Chancellor was at a period of starving, unemployment, illnesses and total poverty for the German people.

The bank system was “privatized” and the Rothschild/Rockefeller-controlled banks exercised a monopoly over the production of currency and ownership of property. But the game changed when Hitler arrived and the Nazi government overthrew the corrupt financial system, nationalized currency and the concept of debt-free finance became a reality. It’s interesting to note than when American leaders tried to imitate the interest-free currency policy, many nation leaders paid for it with their lives- including Lincoln and Kennedy, and the attempted murder of Andrew Jackson.

adolf Hitler

The public banking system was followed by construction of canals, ports, roads, bridges, building repairs, etc with all expenses taken care of using public money. While women weren’t encouraged to work, all men were employed into public jobs and within two years, Germany stood up again.

Hitler encouraged family life and promoted it using positive reinforcement by paying the people to start families. Women were treated with respect by the Nazi Government. Marriage loans, financial incentives for the poor, etc were extended to help not so well off families. The Nazi government had anti-tobacco movements back then, which prohibited the sale of cigarettes to below 18-year-olds and women. Public smoking was banned and Hitler was the first to place “warning” photos of cancerous lungs on cigarette boxes.

Hitler, yes the mean dictator, was an animal lover and protector. Das Reichsjagdgesetz (the Reich Hunting Law), was passed in 1933 which regulated the extent and period of hunting. Several native species were protected. With its great concern for animal conservation, and human treatment, a complete ban on animal experiments was enacted in April 1933. By increasing employment, he brought down the crime rate in the country. People were treated better in general.

The workers had international vacation trips, subsidized. Radios were owned by all citizens and free public health was ensured to all. Every big factory provided employees with cafeterias, dressing rooms, even pools. There were mission statements that promoted charity, and to let no citizen starve or freeze.

Infant Mortality Rate, Tuberculosis, etc were brought down drastically.

People around the world hate Hitler for his wrong doings and what not. Some don’t even know who he was but hate him just coz the whole world seems to. The good deed doesn’t cancel out the bad and neither the vice versa.

The point of this article is to throw light on the fact that before we judge a person and doom them to our list of “people-we-must-hate-because-everyone-else-does”; we ought to think about every aspect of their life. Try to add the good in the seemingly evil. He might be remembered for all the bad reasons, but to some, Adolf Hitler will always be known as the man who changed Germany.

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