People, do you remember the song “Bharat Mata ki Jai” from the movie SHANGHAI?  Well, the song was a greater hit than the movie itself. The Indian youth loved the song as it described our nation in the most sarcastic ways with all the reasons we love our country. I wonder how many of us gave a damn about their ethnic origin or community or religion while they chanted the song. Nobody raised their voices and made their presence felt in the protest of the phrase “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. The youth of our country thought little about religion a while back then now as the political environment of our country has changed.


Not long ago, Intolerance was the topic of debate that ruled politics and media for a month, and then came the Presstitutes which stained the image of Indian media on the world stage and followed by the true hero, the prince of the insecure and brutally intelligent Indian writers, socialists and art people, Kanhaiya Kumar. He’s the President of a youth wing of a political party who led an anti-nationalist campaign in JNU and cried with the insecure intellectual people in our country but for what? Some stooped fame and a terrorist. He was the leader of the group which protested against the death penalty of Afzal Guru, a terrorist who was involved in the parliament attacks in Dec 2003.

nationalism bharat mata ki jai kanhaiya

It’s funny how media in our country portrays terrorist and anti-nationalist as heroes in their news story. The idea of nationalism seems entirely different for these media persons. One of the channels stooped so low that they covered the story of Afzal’s daughter getting 90% marks in the board examination, whereas if it was a western nation, the whole family of the terrorist would have been swept off from the face of the earth. I don’t mean to support such actions neither anyone else does that, but those very same news channels never covered the story of the daughter of martyr army officer who topped the entire state. Yes, it is true, no matter how hard you find it to believe.

The biased and greedy media wasn’t done yet. They ran behind Kanhaiya Kumar as if he was some kind of a celebrity just to get his anti-nationalist vision and thoughts and spread it among the insecure masses of our nation. They were so successful in their campaign as they hit bull’s eye and several thousand minority youth started to relate themselves. Freedom of speech does not give you a right to abuse your country and support an enemy. We Indians lack caution when it comes to religion and community.

Spelling a lie a hundred times makes it sound better than the truth and that’s what has happened in our country. People are being mislead and forced to believe that there’s a wave of intolerance in the nation which is aimed at diminishing and cornering the minorities in the country. And now for the past two months, the entire nation is voicing their opinions over hailing “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. People seriously? Is this like even a debatable thing? The simple phrase can be interpreted with one and only one meaning “long lives my motherland”. It is a popular slogan which has been used since the days of British rule in India. Freedom fighters used it to raise their voice against the British.

Nationalism is not something which can be forced on an individual. It is what drives him/her to respect and defend his/her country against all the odds. To be honest this is all really stupid to be argued about. A person doesn’t really need to prove his loyalty to his nation, but by keeping mute or favoring the stupid they give strength to these voices. Politicians make statements! It’s their job, that’s what they do to influence people and get their attention. We don’t have to follow them and make our lives miserable. We don’t need to alter our beliefs about our nation or our behavior to the people of other communities based on these mean and false statements.

We are the youth of this country. We can’t let these MOFOs (Yes, I used that abbreviate and totally proud about it) drain our minds and influence us to the point of insanity. Indians have been saying “Bharat Mata ki Jai” for like 80 years now and everyone was always cool with it. What have become of us, guys? Isn’t it ridiculous to argue about Nationalism just because of a slogan? It’s a slogan every Indian screams out loud while watching a cricket match, while at the Wagha border, while at any international sports event. Nobody ever had a problem with that, Then why now? I am an Indian and it is my duty to defend the honor of my Nation against those ungrateful SOBs who speak ill of our nation. “Bharat Mata ki Jai”, those are the words that’ll echo in the hearts of every Indian till eternity. The Indian youth needs to awake now with a promise to their motherland that they won’t let these politicians jeopardize the faith and trust of the common people. There will again come a day when “Bharat Mata ki Jai” won’t just be words for debate, but our motto.

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