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Chennai floods India     Humanity is Religion

What happened? Chennai Floods India

chennai floods

Aerial view of flood affected area in Chennai Floods India

Chennai, the fifth largest city in India is been damned and majorly flooded by the never stopping rain for the past two days. Chennai flood has brought enormous destruction and disruption in their wake. Millions of people have been stranded by the incessant downpour and are forced to leave to their homes. Floods have killed hundreds of people and cut off a thousand others from basic services. Air and railway services have been shut down. The city turned into a flood zone as heavy rainfall began last Thursday. Although rain has started to recede since yesterday but the problems continue to prevail as rainfall of about 100-200 mm was predicted from Thursday through Sunday.


Cause of the flood?

This might be considered as a natural calamity but the truth is quite different. The city of Chennai has many small lakes. These lakes have a very old and clumsy disperse drainage system into the sea. When the rain began the water level went well over the danger level. Following this, the disperse canals were opened to give a way out to the rainwater into the ocean. The worst possible outcome became reality. Due to the unplanned drainage system and heavy construction going on in the city, the disperse system failed. At the same time, the sewage system in the surrounding residential areas turned out disastrous. Water level near the lakes started rising and soon spread through the heart of the city. The region around Chennai central was the most hit. It was too late before the authorities realized the horror that was to follow.

More than 200 people died and thousands were injured. The rain showed no mercy and worsened the situation. Water level peaked to about 12 feet in the worst affected areas and forced the immediate evacuation of the residents.

What did people do?

Chennai Floods

Due to the shortage of supplies, people came together to help each other. In this scenario, Humanity was the only Religion Chennai Floods India

In such a challenging situation, the people of Chennai has set an example for humanity and our entire nation. People are opening their homes in the unaffected parts of the city to shelter flood victims. People are providing free food and accommodations to those who have nowhere to go and are helpless. All government and educational institutes have opened their premises and are organizing large scale help shelters. Those with big vehicles are driving around the city rescuing people who need help. The government and local bodies are doing their part.

All the Temples, Mosques, Gurudwara’s and church etc. are open to provide shelter. People are posting their addresses over Facebook and twitter offering food, medicine and shelter. Some groups like the NTL team are carrying out frequent rescue operations in the city. People are coming out of their homes and risking their own safety to help the victims of the flood. The city has a large youth population and they have participated in the rescue works with great dedication.

The city is facing its worst downpour ever in a century, but still the residents are selfless and they are ready to help with all they have. Armed forces are doing a great a job as they are battling against deadly floods to save a life. Chennai can surely collect the scattered bits of normal life once the floods have receded.


Amidst all the abyss, lies the greatest misery of our nation. While people were roaming around the city helping the needy, the local media had its focus on something different. Apparently some of the local media agencies and news channels “observed” that the north Indian media wasn’t paying much attention to the Chennai floods. They were keen to raise this issue and they had a reason too. We all know news agencies buy and sell news stories and footage. They had exclusive coverage and footage to sell, I suppose everyone can now guess what the real matter was. These news agencies shall look at themselves first. Flood didn’t just hit the city of Chennai. It was just the same in the adjoining districts of Tiruvallur and Kanchipuram. People lost their homes and lives there too. None of these news channels ran news about the affected areas in these two districts and the issue was brought up by some other news agencies.

chennai floods

People wade through a flooded road in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. Weeks of torrential rains have forced the Chennai airport in southern India to close and have cut off several roads and highways, leaving tens of thousands of people stranded in their homes, government officials said Wednesday. Chennai Floods (AP Photo)

Even the least educated in Chennai did what was never expected of them. People from slums were amongst the primary group of volunteers to come out and rescue victims stuck in their houses. They are using handcarts to carry people and relief goods from one place to another. Not only this, they have been working day and night to answer help calls from victims stuck in the highly flooded areas.

Finally, help arrives, Modi comes back home!

PM Modi, who took an aerial survey of Chennai yesterday, announced relief of Rs 1000 crore for Tamil Nadu. He emphasized that this fund will be released immediately by the central government. He also stated, “this is over & above Rs 940 crore which was released earlier”. The prime minister also evaluated the relief operations carried out in the flooded region and ensured that the government will stand beside Tamil Nadu in this situation of crisis.

chennai floods


For the past two months, our entire nation has seen numerous trends on social media. Relevant or not, people find an excuse to involve themselves in any social debate. The issue of tolerance and Intolerance (read more) spread like wildfire. A simple public statement of Actor Aamir khan (read more) raised a million eyebrows. The youth of our nation used social media for issues that turned out causeless. The Chennai floods proved every wise insecure person of the country stupid. When the situation demanded, people came together. The social media was intensely used not to debate over something but to help the needy. People sheltered the homeless regardless of their religion. Religious institutions fed the hungry, they didn’t ask who followed which religion.

All of it happened because the Youth of the city took the situation into their own hands because no politician gave any intimidating statement, no one trolled the people involved, because we all have the same moral values. Social media can be an effective tool. It can either be used to create an insecure communal atmosphere in the country or be used to save human lives. We all have that choice, to follow our moral values or to follow a politician who follows the same religion as ours.

Humanity is the oldest religion on our planet.

-Made up Thoughts.

So next time before posting something over the internet, just think who you are following.


Co-Author : – Saksham panda

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