EXAMS aren’t the dead end …..!

EXAMS aren’t the dead end …..!

We breathe in an environment where day ignites with the spark of perception, runs on jealousy and finally ends with the note of bitterness. Competition has taken a toll on our mind and soul.

Each year thousands of students end their precious life, under the burden of expectations. The stats reveals that last year over 19 students have killed themselves under similar circumstances in Tamil Nadu and 200 had attempted to commit suicide.

In Mumbai, Pradanya Rawool, an 18-year-old student appearing for her  HSC examination, committed suicide on March 6, by jumping into a lake. She left a suicide note where she stated that she wasn’t prepared for her exams and nobody should be blamed for her death.

The stress is taking a toll on parents too. Anuradha Mahakal committed suicide after her 17-year-old son was debarred from appearing for exams due to lack of attendance in the Mumbai School he was attending to. The mother was keen for her son to join the National Defence Academy and eventually the Indian Air Force. Unable to bear the disappointment, she consumed rat poison and died early.

So where is the fault in this gigantic system, with almost no heuristics? During examination time, the pressure is clearly showing up over 30 million students of the 1.34 lakh higher secondary schools across the country. Students committing suicides are not rare. But what has worried everyone is not just the rising numbers, taking the extreme step of ending their lives. Psychiatrists are reporting that a large number of students are suffering from traumatic disorders related to the fear of examinations. “In the past 10 years, the pressure on students has increased by 10 fold.

We have surrounded our self in a hostile system, where knowledge is ditched to the core, marks are pitched higher. All these aspects have dwelled deep in our education system. A change is a need for this hour. Unknowingly we are losing few of the greatest minds existing on our earth. Those if provided with right nutrition can flourish in solitude.

Call for one change is what it takes to save lives of lakhs of students. Rise develop your instincts towards innovation, creativity and proclaim what is never been done before. Build within your comfort zone but think out of it. Exams aren’t the so-called dead end, I call it just a blind turn where one need to be cautious. Never lose hopes frankly it’s just not a simple ‘5’ letter word, rather an aurora inside you. Feel it, follow it blindly until your destination gets committed to your dreams. Finally, if you fell struck just giggle “ALLLLLLLLLLL IS WELL”………….

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