Top 5 fears faced by freshers during interviews

Freshers who graduate out of college these days are more qualified and equipped with skills for the job they are interviewed for. The candidate might clear the initial aptitude or the written test, but the real challenge starts when facing the panel. Despite being the right person for the job, there always seem to be certain reasons why a candidate fails in an interview.

1. Insecurity

Be it exams or interviews, insecurity kicks in most of the time. The education system is partly to blame since he/she does not have had much social interaction with the corporate guys. The fact that you are about to face up to strangers asking you questions does make the candidate insecure. The best way to get past that insecure feeling is to make oneself socially interactive and take up mock interviews which are conducted in many institutions.

2. Overconfidence

Confidence is good. Overconfidence isn’t. There can be instances where a candidate has prepared well enough and thinks that he/she is going to get that job anyway and starts getting complacent and lose the plot. Sometimes the preparations themselves take a hit. Instead of preparing for the interview, the candidate ends up being under prepared due to over confidence.

3. Fear of criticism/rejection

What if I fail in this interview? This is the single most influencing reason why a candidate fails in the interview. This puts too much pressure on the candidate and makes him/her forget the answers to the panelist’s questions even though the answer is known to the candidate.

The key here is to enjoy the interview as an experience or an opportunity to learn rather than pondering about the failure or criticism.

4. Pessimism

Negativity or pessimism is usually seen when such previous interviews did not give fruitful results. Or if the company which the candidate has applied for is a very reputed organization. The candidate might feel that he/she is not the right person for the job and hence lacks positive intent.

To overcome negativity, one has to prepare well for the interview and at the same time consider the previous failures as a learning curve, leading up to the big picture.

5. Fear of communication

Candidates who are generally under confident face the fear of communication. Lack of exposure to public speaking is one of the prime reasons for this.

Get rid of the fear by cultivating the habit of public speaking with smaller groups and work your way up to a larger audience. Hence, the fear of communication is thrown out of the window.

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