india and its ironies


The Greatest Indian Ironies.

India is a great country. That is what we have been taught ever since we were kids. Growing up in India is an adventure in its own way. People live not for themselves but for their prestige in the society. We all have grown up in a certain strict and conservative environment. Even though the Ideas and culture are changing with the time there are few things which cannot be ever changed in India.


1. The Reserved get higher opportunities than the deserved.


2. Indians are shy and still are 125 Crore+.


3. People don’t cast their votes but they vote their cast.


4. Seeing a Policeman makes us feel nervous rather than feel safe.


5. It’s dangerous to talk to strangers but it’s perfectly okay to marry one.!


6. No one offers food to the hungry but will serve Kilo’s of ghee and stuff in front of a rock.


7. You can piss in public but can not kiss in public.


8. Feminists do not want to give dowry at the time of marriage, it is good, but want half of their husband’s life-saving at the time of divorce.


India is a great Country indeed but we have so much of hypocrisy and stereotypes. This is what is holding us back from global development and prosperity. Reservations results in Brain Drain, voting propaganda does a great favour in choosing the ruling party and so on. We need to rid ourselves from these bent traditions and practices. Only then we can say it without doubting our backs and pinching a bit of sarcasm in our voices, India is a great country.