new rules of NEET



With so many changes over past few years, the Supreme Court gave the permission to hold National eligibility entrance test in two phases. NEET is now the nationwide medical entrance exam. All the central, state, as well as private institutes, will admit students through this exam. As per the new pattern, the exam conducted on May 1 will be called NEET phase I and another test called phase II will be held on July 24. These two are separate tests and requires a separate application. Students can either appear for phase I or phase II. The two-phase system is just for this year, next year onwards, there will be only one test for admission in medical colleges. Whether you appear in phase I or phase II, there will be a combined result and AIR for NEET. Be it phase I or II, those who’ve studied well will surely come out with flying colors.


Several states raised objection for a common entrance exam but finally the decision came against their demand. A common entrance exam with the standardized procedure is a good decision in favor of students. A common exam reduces any chance of donation and profiteering by various institutes in the name of their own admission process. It also provides a common platform to judge student’s ability and emphasize merit as the admission criteria. Students are also exempted from filling various forms and their unnecessary fee.

Here is all you need to know about the Supreme Court decision for NEET.

  • Students can appear for phase II even if they have already written phase I. So they get a second chance to prove their mettle.
  • Students have to cancel their phase I candidature in order to appear in NEET phase II.
  • Students need to fill a fresh application for phase II. This application has nothing to do with phase I.
  • It is not necessary to take part in both the tests. Neither phase I is required for phase II nor phase II is necessary after phase I.
  • The ranking will be common for both the tests. There will be only one ranking regardless of which phase you appear for.
  • Private institutes are strictly prohibited from conducting their own test. Admissions for MBBS and BDS will only be based on NEET ranking.
  • The combined ranking from both tests will be revealed on August 17, 2016.

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