dangerous roller coaster rides

6 Scariest Rides in the World You Should Ride at least Once

6 Scariest Rides in the World

Here is the list of most scariest rides in the World.

Have a look.

1. Colossus, United Kingdom

dangerous roller coaster ridesColossus is the roller coaster in Thorpe Park and was built in the year 2002. With a length 2,788.8 ft and height 98.4 ft. Colossus is the scariest ride in all of United Kingdom. It has a capacity of 1,300 riders per hour.


2. Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles

dangerous roller coaster rides


Another scariest ride in our list is Six flags magic mountain which is located in California. The ride was opened in the year 2002. The seats of the ride rotate a full 360 degree and it is extremely scariest from all the rides.


3. Insanity Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

dangerous roller coaster rides

This ride will lift you up 70-degree angle with a speed of 40mph. You must take precautions before going for a ride and go with an empty stomach. Their is an age/height/weight restrictions you must be 52 inches tall.


4. Formula Rossa at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

dangerous roller coaster rides

Formula Rossa is a roller coaster located in Abu Dhabi. It was opened in the year 2010. With a height of 171 ft and length of 6,790 ft. It speeds up with 149 mph.


5. Tower of terror ll at Dreamworld Gold Coast, Australia

dangerous roller coaster rides

Tower of terror II is one of the dangerous ride in Australia. It was opened in the year 1997. The height of the ride is 377 ft and length 1,235 ft with a speed of 100 mph. It is the tallest and fastest ride in the World.


6. Eejanaika Fuji-Q Highland Fujiyoshia, Japan 

dangerous roller coaster rides

Eejanaika is a steel roller coaster which is located in Fuji-Q Highland in Japan. The ride’s height is 249.33 ft with a speed of 78.3 mph.  It has a capacity of 1000 riders per hour.