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What Makes TopNotepad the best Online Invoicing and Accounting Software?

TopNotepad is software for freelancers, small business or medium-sized business owners. TopNotepad is a cloud-based invoicing, accounting and CRM solution,it offers different modules specially designed to make your job easy, these modules includes  invoicing, estimates maker, expense manager, accounting, and CRM. It is compact, easy to use and it has all the features required by Freelancers, Startups and Small or medium sized business owners. TopNotepad allows users to create invoices, track payments, manage inventory, and business expenses and manages business leads, among others. Aside from all these features, this cloud-based software is easy to use without any highly technical knowledge, its user-friendly interface is easy to understand and handy to use.

What are the Benefits of TopNotepad?


The software is designed and built for small business and freelancers in mind, Yup! This software is completely designed for you. By this you can easily manage leads, process payments, create an estimate, convert estimates into invoices, create invoices, issue payment receipts, and manage. This software also gives you the flexibility to flip across multiple templates and choose the best template suitable for invoicing, estimates, and payment receipts according to business demands.
The software doesn’t require any rocket science keep in mind this software is made for you and this gives a very easy approach to use this software. Clean and simple user interface will make it easy for you to use this software.
With its integrated CRM, users have everything they need to manage leads efficiently and grow the business. That means they do need not to acquire a separate CRM software. It’s an all-in-one solution as far as CRM goes.
TopNotepad also has a feature by which you can easily create and send custom emails directly from the application, this will save your time and make it easy to handle the data. The software maintains notes (memos) across each client and sets reminders to promptly follow up on client’s tasks. Managing inventory is a piece of cake as TopNotepad provides you the total control of your inventories at all levels. You can set up, reorder and can set alerts about the threshold reach of inventory.

What Makes TopNotepad better than other online invoicing software?



Are you tired of maintaining multiple software? One for CRM and other for accounting and invoicing. Maintaining multiple software is itself a challenge as it is more time consuming and it is difficult to move data between multiple software. Here TopNotepad is all you’ve been looking for, it brings you CRM and Accounting/invoicing under the one roof saving your time and money.

Cloud applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world you just need valid login credentials. What if a company doesn’t want its employee to access the business records from outside the office? Here TopNotepad has a unique feature for you, which allows you to select the IP address from which the records can be accessed. You can block the users from suspicious logins by IP configuration and can protect your valuable data. This feature is only available in the multi-user subscription.

What if you want to restrict the data that can be accessed by different users? Example: An employee from expenses department should not have access to data of invoicing department. This software has a unique feature by which you can control the rights of a user. The user would be unable to access different modules rather than what user has been assigned for, this ensures people in the organization only have access to the required information.

TopNotepad Features | Review

1. Invoicing and Billing





When you log into your TopNotepad account, the first feature will find is Invoicing and billing under the name of Invoices Manager. This invoices manager has following sections which will help you in invoice creation and management in a systematic way

  • Products
  • Clients
  • Estimates & quotations
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Unpaid Invoices
  • Refunds
  • Invoice Dashboard

Invoice Dashboard is one of the best features of TopNotepad as it helps you in tracking all the invoices at the same place, while other websites you will not find this feature and this make TopNotepad a better software than other accounting/invoicing software.

2. Expenses Tracking

TopNotepad expense management review

A growing business should keep a track on their expenses, for freelancers and SMBs expense management is a must. Below are the options you will find under the Expense Manager.

  • Vendors
  • Expenses
  • Payments
  • Categories
  • Expenses Dashboard

Fully customizable dashboard will help you in keeping a check on all the payments made and would be really helpful in maintaining the account. A proper systematic expense account is a key to success and with  TopNotepad you can do it Quick, Easy, and Simple.

3. Leads Management



Every business needs a tool to manage leads. Initially in a small business managing leads is easy but as the business grow you will get a large number of leads and managing these leads become difficult. For this, you will need a lead managing software and here TopNotepad leaves all software behind because it has an integrated CRM software which is the best solution to manage a large number of leads. Other software doesn’t have integrated CRM and accounting/invoicing applications, in TopNotepad you will get following options.

  • Leads
  • Notes
  • Status
  • Leads Dashboard

4. Online Accounting


When your business does a large number of transactions, it becomes difficult to maintain your accounts. TopNotepad’s Accounting Manager will help you in an easy and clean management of your financial transactions . The accounting manager will give you following features.

  • P&L Statement
  • Cash Book
  • Tax Report
  • Balance Sheet

5. Free Invoice Templates

TopNotepad Invoicing review

TopNotepad gives you complete flexibility to generate invoices according to your business demands. You just need to fill all the details in the form and this software will generate a template in no time.

Click Here for Free Invoice Template Tool

How Much Does TopNotepad Cost?

Free Plan

• 1 User
• 0.2 GB Storage
• 5 Invoices
• 5 Expenses
• Manage 5 Leads
• Manage 5 Clients
• Limited Support

Pond Plan – $120/year

• 1 User
• Unlimited Storage
• Unlimited Invoicing
• Unlimited Expenses
• Manage Unlimited Leads
• Manage Unlimited Clients
• Email Support

Lake Plan – $240/year

• Everything in Pond Plan
• 5 Users
• IP & Module Access Control
• Email, Chat Support

Comparing to other Invoicing/Accounting Websites

1. Xero

Xero is not that old in this field but their product is good as they have an easy user interface, but it is too expensive as compared to TopNotepad. Xero’s basic plan starts from $20 whereas TopNotepad gives a free starting plan.

2. Freshbooks

It is a 10-year-old company in this field, their software is easy to use but you will struggle in accounting works. This software is not exhaustive hence you will need to export your data to other software for specific work. Their plans start from $12.99.

TopNotepad offers a free plan and software is easy to use and contains all the tools required for accounting | Invoicing | CRM

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