Why youngsters getting affected by media?


The society weighs equal amounts of good and bad. It all lies in each one’s perspective about how we visualize everything in the society. Media can be called as the source for projecting the good and the bad to the society. Not only that, it has also greatly influenced the youngsters in perceiving the right and the wrong. One who could see everything through a right vision will never tend to do any mistakes whereas the later fails. Here are the top trending reasons why youngsters are being deeply affected by media.

1. Social media

Every Tom, Dick and Harry in the city has an account on social networking sites these days. The main aim of social media is to connect with people across the globe. But people tend to use such sites in a stupid way. There are certain groups on the Facebook with almost 8K members which would be created for the ultimatum of spreading cultural ideas and traditional values, groups created on Facebook by Chennai dwellers to help people affected by the flood, etc. But people use it in a wrong way. Recent posts stated that girls in those groups are getting anonymous request and being bothered too much.

2. Mass media

Every dadi, nani, chachi  in our houses are addicted to watching serials. Precisely, the producers of these daily soaps are still surviving in the golden time of our dadis and nanis. They can watch serials but not round the clock. Serial story writers can have better content and characters. But the project “one man with two wives” and “two women fighting for a single man” seeing which, the chotu and motu of each house are getting influenced. The children and the teenagers easily tend to get attracted or obsessed towards the bad which in turn provokes them to involve in non-disciplinary activities.

3. Mobile phone

A bigger, more dangerous and addictive threat to the world is the mobile phone. The scientific health reasons apart, mobile phone causes unnecessary mental chaos. Girls tend to get messages and calls from unknown contacts which lead to mental tension where it keeps bothering them all the day. Another big thing is, students beyond prohibition tend to use mobile phones in the college premises which also create issues if known to the faculties and the management. Further, taking selfies and uploading it on the Facebook and Instagram is also a viral thing where those photos can be easily downloaded and misused by any.

4. It is a waste of time

On the whole, be it serials, social media or mobile phone, it occupies most of our time. We can do so many things for our personal, knowledge, family, and other developments which are being prevented by these. Especially, students waste solid hours during the examination period. Added to this, employees tend to focus and invest more time on social networking than working hours which affects their progress. This is also a reason why social networking sites are disabled in many corporate companies.

5. Movies

Be it any language, there are movies with several genres. Certain movies educate the society, few project the evils of the society, some are romantic, comedy ones, etc. But people, mostly youngsters tend to follow only the bad and very few the good. Kids imitate the stunt scenes. Another highlight is, which ever boy is in love, he claims his proposal like, “Dilwale Shahrukh jaise, kya mein yeh karoon, woh karoon” . Every hero has his own style and he is the hero of his own life. Added to this, as a meme recently told, the mastani costume worn by Deepika Padukone suits her but not all. But girls pay much in buying such cinematic dresses and finally discard it because it doesn’t suit them.]

All in all the above reasons clearly indicate how the social media has negatively affected our youth. The times are changing, we need our youth to focus on important things like education and career and surely not on what sort of display picture to post on the internet. The internet and media are an important tool for our society, but they shouldn’t be misinterpreted or used for the wrong reasons.



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