Have You Watched These TV Shows Yet?

Have You Watched These TV Show Yet?
Wrap 2015 with some of the best TV shows ever now that they have ended (almost..:p)!


showsIMDb ratings: 8.4/10
The show is about a self-loathing, alcoholic writer trying to repair his relationship with his daughter and girlfriend while battling sex addiction, a budding drug problem, and the habit of making bad decisions.


Shows breaking bad

IMDb ratings- 9.5/10
The story of a brilliant chemistry professor diagnosed with terminal lung cancer who teams up with his former student to cook and sell crystal meth to ensure a secure future for his family. Join him and Jesse for adventures you won’t quite forget.

House M.D. (2004)

Shows House

IMDb ratings- 8.9/10
Watch the genius, pill-popping diagnostician Dr. House, MD solve medical mysteries in a witty and arrogant manner that make you both present as well as fall in love with the character. He has a team of crack doctors that help him solve these cases.

DEXTER (2006)

Shows dexterIMDb ratings-8.9/10
The tale of a righteous serial killer/forensic expert who takes you, through his point of view, into a different world, the world where right meets wrong in an inexplicable manner. Dexter Morgan is the true master of crimes of passion. From “What the hell is he doing?” you’re guaranteed to reach “Yes, that’s right Dex!”



Shows sons-of-anarchyIMDb ratings- 8.6/10
There’s a small village in Central Valley called Charming, where a biker gang/motorcycle club SONS OF ANARCHY is at large with Jackson Teller at Vice President position. The uniqueness of the show lies within the dual parallel plots that overlap in each season. The protagonist in his early 30s struggles to find a balance in his life between being a father and his position in the club.


FRIENDS (1994)

shows friendsIMDb ratings- 9/10
One of the most popular sitcoms of all times, revolves around 6 youngsters in Manhattan, trying to make it in this world. Ageless and loveable characters, it’s quite impossible that you don’t know Smelly Cat.



show how_i_met_your_motherIMDb ratings- 9/10
A father recounts to his children, the journey he and his four best friends took leading up t him meeting their mother. The legendary character of Barney Stinson and extremely memorable catch phrases make this a must watch show.



Shows Arrested DevelopmentIMDb ratings 9/10

One of a kind hand-held camera shot sitcom starring the (a) typically dysfunctional family. The unique presentation of the show is one among the million reasons to join the extensive fan following of the multiple Emmy award winning show.


DOCTOR WHO (1963, 2005)

Shows doctor-whoIMDb ratings- 8.6/10
The Doctor, a Time Lord and scientist of supreme intelligence who travels in his TARDIS, undergoes periodic regeneration each time to be played by a different actor all of whom are referred to as the Doctor. He visits the earth often, protecting it from outward invasions, struggling to maintain relations in his immortal existence.


LOST (2004)

shows lostIMDb ratings- 8.5/10
Shifting between Flashbacks and Flash Forwards, the series follows the lives of survivors of a plane crash in a mysterious island. The show has multiple genres including bits of supernaturalism and science fiction involved in the story line.



Shows two and a half man
IMDb ratings – 7.1

Originally starring the brilliant Charlie Sheen in a womanizing role who opens his home to his divorced brother. It’s spontaneous and witty comedy gained the show extreme popularity that took a dip when Ashton Kutcher enters the show, but soon regains it due to the sheer brilliance of the show.



Shows the-big-bang-theoryIMDb ratings- 8.4/10
the story about  the struggles of  nerds next door as they try to fit in with the society, how it is difficult for their brilliant minds to do simple things like talk to a girl or give up on Comic Books. The out of the world character of Sheldon Cooper is a good enough reason to watch this show repeatedly.

Top T.V. Series of 2015

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