MODI: Future of the Young Entrepreneurs

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Ever since mankind has come into existence and dominated the planet, the transfer of wisdom and art from one generation to another has never stopped at any point. Mankind has always laid emphasis on proper conductance and modernizing human knowledge, principles and wisdom. Man has always given prime importance to education and with time, the definition of education has altered and changed various forms.

Technology and Entrepreneurship

But now our education needs some important changes to adapt the growing demand of our country. The need of the hour is more entrepreneurs than just engineers, as well as openly accepted technology trends. As per by our education system, more emphasis is given to theoretical knowledge rather than practical. Traditional practices are being supported rather than adapting the current technological assets.

Entrepreneurship is the progression of starting a trade, basically a startup company proposing an innovative product, process or service. The entrepreneur identifies an opportunity and frequently exhibits prejudices in taking the verdict to exploit the opportunity.


Education system

Our Indian education system has always been a matter of debate. Many of our institutes are well known all over the world for their quality and high standard of education. India has given the world stage numerous widely appreciated laureates. In India, a majority of the youth have been attracted to different fields of science and have done exceptionally well. From the first Five-year Plan onwards, India’s emphasis was to develop a pool of scientifically inclined manpower.

Entrepreneurship education efforts on realization of opportunity, where proper management based education is engrossed on the best mode to operate prevailing chain of command.

It is something that is not taught to our students in school or college. It was even not willing encouraged by our society in recent times. This is a desired adaption in our education system. We need to train the aspirants from the word go, to achieve higher rate of success. Also, the system needs to bring in special amendments to promote in-service training.


Coming to the present day, the formation of a new government in our country is been considered as a massive step towards an economically strong India. The prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi and the ministry of human resources have strictly stated that the country needs to MAKE IN INDIA i.e. we need more Indian entrepreneurs than other foreign MNC’s.

The recent visit of our PM Mr. Narendra Modi to the United States was a major step for strengthening the American-indo ties for the encouragement of entrepreneurship. The PM visited silicon valley and also attended India-Us Startup Konnect, an exhibition jointly hosted by NASSCOM, TIE and IIM Ahmedabad’s CIIE. At the exhibition the prime minister heavily emphasized the need for encouraging new startups and shared his vision of “start up India, stand up India”.

He explained how the lives of people in our country are directly related to the upcoming technological industry. He pointed out that the height development needs in India are huge and the need to achieve those targets is urgent. He also discussed the ideology behind Digital India, stating that the need of the hour is to empower common citizens, eliminate communication barriers and thus work in the direction of betterment of society. Apart from this, the prime minister also talked about various new government schemes for development and encouragement of youth to go for micro-enterprises.

This can be considered as a milestone in terms of India growth in small sector industry. With the government backing this new reform, we can be sure that it will reflect heavily on the economy of our country and will affect the lives of 90% of our population. India has always been behind when it comes to adapting global trends and innovation of technology, but now there is a definite hope of change. All of this depends on the youth of our country. The way they deal with new challenges and work for the best future of our nation.

“We have better resources, better intellect and better minds. All our education system needs is the inclusion of entrepreneurship education from the primary level. This change is going to make us world leaders in small scale industry sector. Dominance in Entrepreneurship is our best possible future”.

”If there’s a strong wind blowing, some might want to shut the window. Others will want to put a windmill or launch their sails on the seas”.

  • Narendra Damodardas Modi



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